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Thanks everyone! We’re closing!

Posted by on Aug 1, 2018 in Blog |

Dear Customers, it has been a great 5 year journey with you. As with all journeys, it must come to an end. Sadly, Buta Ramen will be closing on 3rd August 2018 (Friday). To all of you, we thank you for your continual support.

With this journey’s end, a new one begins. We will be reopening on 6th August 2018 (Monday) as Goji Up – an Asian-style salad and rice bowl eatery with emphasis on healthy diet and clean living. We hope you can join us once more on a new adventure together!

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We’re open on Fridays till 8pm

Posted by on Dec 2, 2016 in Blog, What's New |


The question of where to have dinner on Friday is solved. Buta Ramen is now open on Fridays till 8pm. Pop-by our shop for happy hours too!

Our Sapporo beers are the cheapest in the CBD, S$6 nett with every ramen purchase. And if you buy a bucket of 5 for $25, each Sapporo beer goes for $5! Nett price! No GST, no service charge, 100% good times!

We’ve also extended our delivery hours to 8pm on Friday, so you’ll be able to enjoy our Boss Rib Ramen from the comfort of your home!


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Buta Ramen Delivers! Really! Ramen at your doorstep!

Posted by on Dec 2, 2016 in Blog |


Hey everyone! We’re working with Deliveroo, UberEATS and FoodPanda to deliver the best rib ramen to your doorstep! Click on the relevant logos to order!

*PS: Don’t worry about noodles getting soggy, we pack them special – they are kept apart from the soup!



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Introducing two new premium flavours – Bonito and Spicy Miso

Introducing two new premium flavours – Bonito and Spicy Miso

Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in What's New |

Our visit to FHA was inspiring and the result is two new flavours for our awesome ramen. We are happy to announce for a limited period, Bonito flavour and Spicy Miso flavour. You can choose from either of these in addition to our existing flavours of Black Garlic and Spicy Chilli.

What is Bonito?

Bonito is a special dried and smoked fish common in Japanese cuisine. Technically called Katsuoboshi, it is made from the skipjack tuna. If you ever eat the Tako balls in the malls, it’s that shaved thin flakes they put on at the very last. Bonito has a very rich umami flavour and it goes very well with our Tonkotsu broth. We prepare it by taking the flakes and cooking it over hot oil till it releases its distinctive aroma. This oil is then added to our broth and served with a topping of shaved bonito. It’s very delicious!

What is Spicy Miso?

Spicy Miso is pretty straightforward. Miso is made from fermented soy beans, something like tau jio you see in the local provision shop. Miso is a staple in Japanese cuisine. One often sees it in Miso Soup. For the Spicy Miso flavour, the Miso is mixed with spicy chilli to give it a kick, then added to our Tonkotsu broth. It’s a hit with many of our customers!

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Visiting FHA2016

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Blog |


Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) 2016 report: Excellent event which should be held every year, but obviously due to its scale (it took up all the halls in the Expo), doing it annually will probably drive the event organizer crazy.

Many contacts were made and ideas exchanged. Possibilities for new F&B concepts abound. We are in the middle of meeting a few suppliers and creating new dishes, so stay tuned to Buta Ramen!


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Guess where we’re headed this April? FHA 2016!

Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in Blog |


Can’t believe it’s been two years since! We’re so looking forward to it. We think this time round there will be a lot of productivity-improving hardware and software on display, due to the manpower issues faced by many F&B operations in Singapore. That and the usual networking, sourcing, etc, etc. Will definitely be a fruitful trip!

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Beer Belly Ramen, inspired by intoxicated nights in Tokyo

Posted by on Aug 21, 2014 in What's New |

buta_ramen_beer_belly_standeeMany moons ago, on a cold Friday night out with friends in the electric streets of Shinjuku, we found ourselves tired, drunk and craving porky, oily, piping-hot Tonkotsu ramen. How long we wandered we knew not.

But finally we stumbled into this small ramen shop along the countless dark alleyways and gorged ourselves silly on cheap Sapporo and ramen, lots of it. All this while, the aroma of grilled meat from the next door Yakitori-ya wafted and danced around in the chilly Tokyo air.

That triple tag-team of flavours – beer, Tonkotsu-ramen and grilled pork – made its way back into our heads again one hot humid Singapore night and lo, and behold, the Beer Belly Ramen was born.

We use premium Sapporo Beer (no Tiger or any ‘cheap’ stuff, no offence APB) and add it to our 8-hour Tonkotsu broth, giving it a sweet, earthy piquancy. We finish that hearty bowl of beer broth and noodles with our signature tender grilled pork belly.

It’s a decadent combo indeed, just like drunken nights out in Shinjuku.

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Grilled Kakuni Buns are here!

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in What's New |

buta_ramen_kakuni_bunsThis is one of our personal faves. We’re calling it Grilled Kakuni Buns but in Japan (to be precise, in Nagasaki) they are known as Kakuni Manju. Not as well known as ramen, but we are sure it will take off here in Singapore!

For food nerds, Kakuni is a Japanese simmered pork belly dish (see Wikipedia), while Manju roughly translates to ‘steamed rice confection’ (Mr. Wiki). Put the two together and you get Kakuni Manju, delicious simmered pork belly tucked into a steamed rice bun.

We’ve taken it a step further by flame-grilling the pork belly (need we remind you that it’s slow cooked for 24 hours?) with our in-house Yakitori sauce. And we’re serving it with a tangy-garlicky chilli sauce made special for the Singaporean taste-buds – namely the love for chilli in everything!

Instructions on eating:
Take a bun (use fingers if by yourself or chopsticks if with colleagues), dip* it in the chilli sauce and put it in your mouth (open it first).

Close your eyes and savour in this order
a) the sweet in-house Yakitori (via your tongue),
b) the aroma of seared pork (activate olfactory receptors in your nose),
c) the fluffy freshly steamed rice bun (tongue again)
d) the unctuous texture of the pork belly (as above)
e) the kick of the spicy garlicky tangy chilli sauce (hello Mr Scoville!)

All coming together in a heady, explosive orgy of flavours (brain). Oooh yeah!

*”For courtesy purpose, avoid double dipping“, Ancient Japanese saying.

Wallet Damage
As with all good things, they come in threes. So will these buns. Regular price $6.90. BUT with every ramen order, it will be ONLY $4.90! DEAL OR WHAT?!

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