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buta_ramen_kakuni_bunsThis is one of our personal faves. We’re calling it Grilled Kakuni Buns but in Japan (to be precise, in Nagasaki) they are known as Kakuni Manju. Not as well known as ramen, but we are sure it will take off here in Singapore!

For food nerds, Kakuni is a Japanese simmered pork belly dish (see Wikipedia), while Manju roughly translates to ‘steamed rice confection’ (Mr. Wiki). Put the two together and you get Kakuni Manju, delicious simmered pork belly tucked into a steamed rice bun.

We’ve taken it a step further by flame-grilling the pork belly (need we remind you that it’s slow cooked for 24 hours?) with our in-house Yakitori sauce. And we’re serving it with a tangy-garlicky chilli sauce made special for the Singaporean taste-buds – namely the love for chilli in everything!

Instructions on eating:
Take a bun (use fingers if by yourself or chopsticks if with colleagues), dip* it in the chilli sauce and put it in your mouth (open it first).

Close your eyes and savour in this order
a) the sweet in-house Yakitori (via your tongue),
b) the aroma of seared pork (activate olfactory receptors in your nose),
c) the fluffy freshly steamed rice bun (tongue again)
d) the unctuous texture of the pork belly (as above)
e) the kick of the spicy garlicky tangy chilli sauce (hello Mr Scoville!)

All coming together in a heady, explosive orgy of flavours (brain). Oooh yeah!

*”For courtesy purpose, avoid double dipping“, Ancient Japanese saying.

Wallet Damage
As with all good things, they come in threes. So will these buns. Regular price $6.90. BUT with every ramen order, it will be ONLY $4.90! DEAL OR WHAT?!