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buta_ramen_beer_belly_standeeMany moons ago, on a cold Friday night out with friends in the electric streets of Shinjuku, we found ourselves tired, drunk and craving porky, oily, piping-hot Tonkotsu ramen. How long we wandered we knew not.

But finally we stumbled into this small ramen shop along the countless dark alleyways and gorged ourselves silly on cheap Sapporo and ramen, lots of it. All this while, the aroma of grilled meat from the next door Yakitori-ya wafted and danced around in the chilly Tokyo air.

That triple tag-team of flavours – beer, Tonkotsu-ramen and grilled pork – made its way back into our heads again one hot humid Singapore night and lo, and behold, the Beer Belly Ramen was born.

We use premium Sapporo Beer (no Tiger or any ‘cheap’ stuff, no offence APB) and add it to our 8-hour Tonkotsu broth, giving it a sweet, earthy piquancy. We finish that hearty bowl of beer broth and noodles with our signature tender grilled pork belly.

It’s a decadent combo indeed, just like drunken nights out in Shinjuku.