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Our visit to FHA was inspiring and the result is two new flavours for our awesome ramen. We are happy to announce for a limited period, Bonito flavour and Spicy Miso flavour. You can choose from either of these in addition to our existing flavours of Black Garlic and Spicy Chilli.

What is Bonito?

Bonito is a special dried and smoked fish common in Japanese cuisine. Technically called Katsuoboshi, it is made from the skipjack tuna. If you ever eat the Tako balls in the malls, it’s that shaved thin flakes they put on at the very last. Bonito has a very rich umami flavour and it goes very well with our Tonkotsu broth. We prepare it by taking the flakes and cooking it over hot oil till it releases its distinctive aroma. This oil is then added to our broth and served with a topping of shaved bonito. It’s very delicious!

What is Spicy Miso?

Spicy Miso is pretty straightforward. Miso is made from fermented soy beans, something like tau jio you see in the local provision shop. Miso is a staple in Japanese cuisine. One often sees it in Miso Soup. For the Spicy Miso flavour, the Miso is mixed with spicy chilli to give it a kick, then added to our Tonkotsu broth. It’s a hit with many of our customers!