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Mastering the soft-boiled egg

Posted by on May 18, 2014 in Blog |

20140513_172541.jpgThe marinated egg (or Ajitsuke Tamago) is one of our favourite things about ramen. Chomping into to that oozing sunny centre is essential to a satisfying ramen experience.

We love eggs. It’s such a simple ingredient yet one of the hardest to master.

If you soft-boil a 100 eggs, not all will turn out the same way. Many factors come into play such as freshness, size, temperature, cooking duration, cooking medium and so on.

At Buta we’re always on the lookout on how to make things better. There’s a lot of experimentation in the restaurant and at home. For you egg-lovers out there, we’d like to share with you how eggs respond with different cooking times.

We started with 3 eggs, cooking them at 6 minutes, 7 minutes and 8 minutes respectively and then soaked them in an ice-bath immediately.

The 6 minute one is close the desired outcome. However it was difficult to shell without ripping the egg up.

While the 7 minute one was already too hard.

The 8-minute one – a perfect example of a hard-boiled egg.

Note that the three eggs were done a minute apart.

So we tried another at 6.5 minutes. Passable but the 6 minute one was better. A difference of only 30 seconds!

The conclusion – when it comes to eggs, timing is everything. Our advice – buy a digital timer that goes into the seconds.

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Making Buta Better: Noodle Tasting Session No. 3,025

Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 in Blog |

20140422_163115Noodles – we absolutely adore them. So many shapes – flat, round, skinny, short, hollow, twisted. So many types – buckwheat, rice flour, wheat flour, egg. So many textures – distressed, smooth, rough, hard, soft, ‘QQ’, opaque, translucent. So many ways to make them – hand-pulled, machine-pressed, hand-cut. So many names – mee pok, mee kiah, kway tiao, bee hoon, tang hoon, ramen, soba, udon, spaghetti, fettucine, tagiatelle, fusilli, phew.

Here we are at Noodle Tasting Session Number Too-many-to-remember and we are trying out a new noodle recipe (from our wonderful noodle supplier) that has a more opaque white look (vs our current translucent one) and a smoother texture.

We also tried it at various stages too. How it reacts when it is a fresh bowl and how it feels when the noodles have been soaking in for over 2, 3 and 4 minutes.

The new one is pretty good we must say. We might be giving it a go in the next few weeks.

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Having fun at Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) 2014

Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 in Blog |

Never have we walked all 10 halls of Singapore Expo at one go. Took us 6 hours. If not for the free food we wouldn’t have made it! FHA2014 was a great opportunity for us to make new friends and get inspiration. Thanks to the free-flow of booze, ideas flowed freely too! We have a lot of things in store for Buta Ramen coming up ahead.

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23 Boss Rib Ramen for Take-away. OMG.

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in Blog |

IMG-20140228-WA0002Last Friday morning some people came and ordered 23 Boss Rib Ramen for takeaway! What a start! We can imagine 23 happy people in the office munching away on those ribs and slurping up the ramen.

In case you don’t know – we do takeaways.

We know that work sometimes just gets in the way. Buta Ramen understands even that precious little time in front of your desk must be enjoyed with a good meal, and how can one have a good bowl of ramen if the noodles turn out soggy?

Which is why our special takeaway boxes have a compartment for soup and a compartment for noodles (See below)!


All you need to do before you eat is to:
a) heat the soup (*noodles optional)  in your office microwave
b) put the noodles in the hot soup
c) enjoy your meal!

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[Press Release] Eat Like A Boss At Buta Ramen

Posted by on Jan 3, 2014 in Blog |


Singapore, 3 January 2014 – EPIC EATS LLP is pleased to announce the opening of BUTA RAMEN, a contemporary Japanese Ramen restaurant in Far East Square. Buta Ramen specialises in Hakata-style Tonkotsu ramen.

Originally from Kyushu, Hakata ramen is characterised by a rich, creamy-white pork broth that can only be achieved by stewing pork bones for several hours. Each delicious bowl contains generous servings of freshly made noodles, ajitsuke tamago (marinated soft-boiled egg), nori (Japanese seaweed), menma (fermented bamboo shoots) and traditional Chashu (sliced pork belly) or Buta Ramen’s signature flame-grilled Yakitori Pork Ribs.

The latter is a key element of Buta Ramen’s house special – Boss Rib Ramen. A dish that has already drawn rave reviews from soft launch customers, these meaty pork ribs are slow-cooked for 24 hours to ensure a fall-off-the-bone tenderness. They are then glazed with a secret Yakitori sauce and then flame-grilled to sizzling perfection. No tenderiser is used in the process, just good old-fashioned slow cooking.

This ethos is reflected in Buta Ramen’s broth, where fresh pork bones and vegetables are cooked over eight hours to attain the traditionally creamy, white consistency that is the hallmark of a good Tonkotsu broth.

Buta Ramen’s menu offers value for money, with prices ranging from S$9.90 to S$14.90. Diners also enjoy free servings of marinated bean sprouts and hard boiled eggs. Buta Ramen does not charge for service or GST.

Buta Ramen is the brainchild of EPIC EATS LLP partners – Sandy Yeo, Chris Tan and John Ng. The three friends wanted to create a restaurant that would unite their lifelong passion for good food and good value. Says Chris: “No one else does ramen and ribs like we do. We use only natural ingredients and do everything the traditional way. No tenderiser or additives. No shortcuts. We invite you to come and taste the difference for yourself.”

Address and opening hours:

137 Amoy Street, #01-04, Far East Square, just off China Street.

Open for lunch and dinner from 11am to 8pm (last order at 7.30pm). Closed on weekends and public holidays.

Website: http://www.butaramen.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/butaramen

High resolution press images: http://www.butaramen.com/press/buta_ramen_press_images.zip

For media enquiries, please email us: press[at]butaramen.com

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