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IS Magazine put us in 10 of the Best Ramen places in Singapore

Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Press |

We’re so happy to be in this list of best ramen places in IS Magazine! We’re number one too…alphabetically! Haha! We’ll be working hard to keep Buta up there in the top 10.

The ramen choices on offer are not quite traditional so don’t expect authentic creations here. The combination of grilled, marinated pork ribs and rich tonkotsu broth in their signature Boss Rib ramen ($13.90) is a winner.

Source: 10 of the best ramen places in Singapore

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A review from DanielFoodDiary.com. Nice.

Posted by on Mar 13, 2014 in Press |

daniel_food_diaryEsteemed food blogger Daniel Ang from DanielFoodDiary dropped by (more than once, and incognito!) to our shop not too long ago. Talk about dedication to his work, we really have to hand it to him for being so thorough. Going undercover too, gotta give extra points for that.

Here’s an excerpt from the article – Buta Ramen – Singapore Style Pork Rib Japanese Ramen:

My initial reservation however, was with their broth. While the in-house made soup is said to be cooked for 8 hours, it did not feel intense or rich enough to my liking.

As the shop was still new, I felt they needed any chance and went back again for their Original Chashu Ramen ($11.90). This time, the broth was much tastier and I learnt that the chefs made slight tweaks to the recipe. Kudos to their spirit of determination.

Yes, there were some tweaks made and the broth is getting better and better. People, we hope you come by and give it a go. The soup is richer and more textured.

What’s more we’re working on the tamago to strengthen the taste which tends to get lost in the rich broth. And we’re about meet with our noodle supplier soon to make some small adjustments.

We’re toying around with some new ramen ideas as well. So look forward to more yummy meals at Buta Ramen in the months to come!

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Check out this article in Weekender

Check out this article in Weekender

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in Press |

Weekender’s Cheryl Chia came by for a tasting. Here’s a short excerpt:

“What I loved was the Black Garlic Boss Rib Ramen. The black garlic added fragrance and a slight sweetness to the tonkosu broth. The ribs are flamed and glazed with their in-house sauce before being served. The meat is so soft, it comes off the bone easily. Well done on that.”

Thank you! In fairness, the article was honest in its critique – not everything was a thumbs up. She did mention she preferred the soft boiled egg to be “a little more consistent with the doneness.”

Our team is working hard on trying to get it right every time. Not all eggs are created equal. Some eggs just don’t want to behave.


Image: Courtesy of Weekender.com.sg

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