They fought. And fought. The morning felt like it could last forever. Bulls, bears, bosses. The Ten Samurai were weary, but they knew lunch was close…

Lunch parties will never be the same! Pre-order the Hungry Samurai takeaway set here!

10 bowls of Chashu Ramen

Choose from Original, Black Garlic or Spicy (no extra charge for flavours).

10 pieces of Boss Rib

Delicious tender luscious ribs cooked overnight and charred to a crisp over fire.

6 Kakuni Buns

Steamed buns with tender pork belly, oh my!

10 Canned Drinks

Choose from Soda drinks and bottled water, excludes beer (sorry!)

At only $189 nett (save $21.70)!! No GST, no service charge!

Order in advance here, pay in advance and self-collect at our outlet in Far East Square. This order feeds 10 hungry Samurai.

How to order:

Step 1: Make your order in the form below, leave your contact details
Step 2: We will contact you for confirmation
Step 3: Come to our outlet one day before the specified date to make your payment in cash
Step 4: Collect your order at the specified date and time
Step 5: Eat and be merry!

Select your flavour for the 10 Chashu Ramen

Chashu Ramen 1/10:  Original Black Garlic Spicy
Chashu Ramen 2/10:  Original Black Garlic Spicy
Chashu Ramen 3/10:  Original Black Garlic Spicy
Chashu Ramen 4/10:  Original Black Garlic Spicy
Chashu Ramen 5/10:  Original Black Garlic Spicy
Chashu Ramen 6/10:  Original Black Garlic Spicy
Chashu Ramen 7/10:  Original Black Garlic Spicy
Chashu Ramen 8/10:  Original Black Garlic Spicy
Chashu Ramen 9/10:  Original Black Garlic Spicy
Chashu Ramen 10/10:  Original Black Garlic Spicy

Additional Chashu Ramen

  • orders of Original Chashu Ramen (S$12.90).
  • orders of Spicy Chashu Ramen (S$12.90, $13.90).
  • orders of Black Garlic Chashu Ramen (S$12.90, $13.90).

Special requests

Collection Date and Time

Let us know when you will collect the order. Note: Please give us 24 hours to process your order. We are open from Monday - Fridays, 11am to 5pm.

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