ribsThis is our signature Boss Rib. The best pork ribs you’ve ever eaten. Paired with our excellent ramen, this pork rib ramen combo is unbeatable.

Our pork ribs are slow-cooked over 24 hours at a precise temperature of 68.6 degrees Celsius till the meat is barely clinging to the bone. No need to eat it with a fork and knife, no need for your fingers even. Just a pair of chopsticks will do. Yes, it is that soft, it is that tender and it is that juicy.

Before we serve that delicious  pork rib you see in that picture above, we glaze it with our in-house Yakitori sauce, then flame-grill it till we get a crisp char on the edges. Be warned, that smoky aroma of burnt pork is simply heavenly.

A pair of these pork ribs are served with every Boss Rib Ramen or they come a la carte as the Boss Rib Platter.