P1190809_editOur kitchen serves a Hakata-style ramen with a creamy-white eight-hour Tonkotsu broth and large servings of slow-cooked Chasiu or fall-off-the-bone Yakitori-glazed Pork Ribs. (We loved the pork ribs so much we call it Boss Ribs!)

Each serving of Buta Ramen comes with Chasiu or Pork Ribs, topped with Nori (Japanese seaweed), Menma (Japanese-style pickled Bamboo Shoots), Ajitsuke Tamago (a beautifully cooked soft-boiled egg) and freshly-sliced leek.


Special Boss Ribs Original Ramen
The only place in Singapore where you can get tender Pork Ribs with your ramen. Our ribs are slow-cooked over 24-hours until the meat falls off the bone. We then glaze it with Yakitori sauce and char it over an open-flame. The boss of all ramen!

Original Chashu Ramen

Ultra-tender Chashu that melts in your mouth. We use only the best pork belly and cook it overnight in our unique marinade.

Red Spicy Chashu Ramen or Red Spicy Pork Rib Ramen

Our specially-made Red Spicy Ramen is a big hit with Ramen-lovers who like their soup with a spicy hot punch.

Black Garlic Chashu Ramen or Black Spicy Pork Rib Ramen
Black Garlic is one of our founder’s personal favourite. The aromas of charred garlic steeped in Japanese sesame oil is hard to resist.